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About Us

Elena Tosheva
Founder and CEO

Elena has more than twenty five years of business and management experience. During eighteen of them she was taking various senior positions, including a board member of large International Corporation.

Elena’s experience led to the foundation of Atera Business Development in 2017, as a way to help other companies succeed.

She provides management expertise and proven business practices for revenue and profit growth.  She also supports their implementation in client’s organizations.

Ekaterina Koteva

Katia has been working as a business consultant and analyst since 2017. She has been focused mainly on working with small and medium sized companies of the FMCG market in Bulgaria. The stable base for her recommendations and conclusions has always been the deep and detailed analyses of reliable internal business and market data.

Her professional career started back in 2001, when she joined the buying team of one of the best acknowledged retail operators in Bulgaria. During her 16 years of stay, she has been constantly growing in positions – from Junior expert to Head of various divisions within Offer management. Managing different product categories, joining and leading vast scope of commercial projects, succeeding in multinational environment,  growing and leading teams  – these were parts of experience which helped her grow in expertise and in ability to tackle and solve complex business challenges.

She is easy to talk with and she is always open to learn. Katia values trust!